• The Samaritan Inn Has an Urgent Need for Sleeping Bags
  • Five Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Allen
  • Top 6 Safest Cities in Collin County
  • Plano, TX Music Festival Set for May 2014
  • 10 Date Ideas in Allen, TX
sleeping bags - samaritan inn

The Samaritan Inn Has an Urgent Need for Sleeping Bags

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Our friends at The Samaritan Inn have an urgent need for sleeping bags – new or  used.  These can be dropped off at The Samaritan Inn at: 1710 N. McDonald in McKinney, TX. The forecast shows cold nights are ahead. Let’s keep all of our neighbors warm. Show some love for our community and help […]

Best Mexican Restaurants in Allen, Texas

Five Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Allen

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If you could choose any type of cuisine to eat for the rest of your life and you grew up in Texas, you will probably say Mexican food. That is our favorite type of food without question. Needless to say when we go out, 8 times out of 10, we can be found at a […]

safe collin county cities

Top 6 Safest Cities in Collin County

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Safety is always a concerned when choosing where to move to, and safety is one of the reasons many people move to Collin County. In a recent report released by SafeWise, Collin County has 10 cities listed as the safest cities in Texas. SafeWise paired data from FBI’s 2011 Crime in the U.S. report with […]

Plano TX Music Festival

Plano, TX Music Festival Set for May 2014

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Austin City Limits watch out, Plano, TX has partnered with Live Nation to host a 3-day music festival event at Oak Point Park, next to Collin College. While full details have yet to be announced, it is said that the first Plano, TX music festival will take place in May 2014 with an anticipated 20,000 […]

date ideas in allen, tx

10 Date Ideas in Allen, TX

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We all know how date ideas can be such a pain. Especially for us married folks who want so bad to just have a night out away from the kids, but then find ourselves not knowing what to do – but talk about the kids…. Yeah THAT. Anywho, here on Collin County 360, we have a […]


Restaurant.com Gift Card Giveaway

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It’s giveaway day here at Collin County 360! Each week we will offer a fun giveaway prize. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know of our giveaways! This week’s prize comes to us from Dallas Socials, our sister site dedicated to keeping you in the know with […]

food pantries in collin county

10 Collin County Food Pantries That Need Your Help

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By the looks of Collin County, you would think that we have it all. We have large house, nice cars and a Starbucks every mile or so (okay, maybe every 5 miles – we are Starbucks spoiled!).  By the looks of things, we don’t need anything. That is so far from the truth though. While […]

Sunny Street Cafe Review

Sunny Street Cafe – Murphy, TX

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This week we are reviewing Sunny Street Cafe in Murphy, TX. A little note about the reviews here on Collin County 360. Some of our reviews are from restaurants in Collin County that we just happen to go to, other times we will taking requests for review. If you own a restaurant in Collin County, […]

date ideas mckinney texas

10 Date Ideas in McKinney, TX

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Finding date night ideas can be frustrating and time consuming. Here at Collin County 360, we hope to take the pain out of planning by suggesting date night ideas. We will be working our way through various cities and towns in Collin County. To kick off our series, we present you with 10 date ideas […]

home depot free kids workshops

Free Home Depot Kids Workshop

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Head on down to your local Home Depot for a free kids Home Depot workshop on the first Saturday of the month! This free kids activity is available at each Home Depot location and is a great way to introduce your child to tools, building, figuring things out – plus you get to spend quality […]